Marijn Ottenhof

Visual artist working in performance and installation

In my work I investigate social systems and the human need for rules and order. What do we, humans, do to get a grip on life? How are we seduced to do so by companies and products?

Communication between people, groups of people or between people and products often form the basis of performative elements in my installations. The borders between human behaviour and automated behaviour are blending, so are the borders between functional products and objects that have either lost their function or never had a function to begin with. Physical objects in my work fulfil their role as props, as the carrier of narrative, a starting point for relating to a situation.

Audience gets the role of a figurant, a person who is invited to participate, but unclear on which terms. The situations I put people in are slightly absurd, cinematic and staged. It’s a game about power, seduction and control.